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RFID Cards With Different Quality

As the name suggests, the RFID cards do not directly come in contact with the card. These cards have an antenna built in the card...

The antenna of the RFID cards is used to communicate to the card reader for reading and writing data on the card. The working of these cards is based on radio frequency identification technology. These cards are used as parking cards, student identification and electronics passports.

Low Frequency

High Frequency

Ultra High Frequency

  • Product Description
rfid card
Electrical Characteristics
Operating Frequency 125 KHz ; 13.56 MHz ; 865 MHz to 867 MHz
Reading Distance Depends on the Reader
Available Chip Type LF:- EM4100;HITAG 1; HITAG 2; HITAG S;
HF:- MIFARE® S50, S70; I-CODE 2; MIFARE® Classic  1K; MIFARE® Classic 4K;
Memory Size 96 bits to 4 KB
Physical Charateristics
Material PVC,PET-G,& PC
Dimension 85.6 x 54 x 0.86 mm ( As per ISO Standards)
Weight 5.8 gms
Color Plain White; Pre Printed


Temperature 20°C to +50°C
Printing Options Serial number printing using laser engraving
Area of Application School Students Attendance,Access Control, Parking, Staff identification, Property tracking

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