ceo smart child safety

Pankaj Gupta

Pankaj is a self made businessman with over 6 years of experience setting up and managing companies. He co-founded SmartChildSafety as his first foray into technology and looks after the finance and sales activities of the firm and plays CEO role at SmartChildSafety by leading its strategic and long term vision.

Pankaj efforts have resulted in SmartChildSafety emerging as one of the top companies in India in the RFID and Security Automation space. His ability to forge strategic alliances has led to key partnerships with prestigious organizations as clients. An engineer by training, he represents the drive to excel in pushing the company forward through his early years of experience in business management of international trade.

Kapil Sharma

Kapil Sharma is a first generation entrepreneur and co-founded SmartChildSafety immediately after graduation, he is a technology enthusiast with more than a decade of enterprise product development experience, as he future technology research and development opportunities for the company.

Kapil outlined the opportunity for SmartChildSafety to become a major player in the automation space in India seeing early trends in growing infrastructure projects and adoption of cloud based products. Partnering with world leading hardware and software firms, he endeavoured to ensure the quality of solutions delivered by Rasilant were always international standard and built the brand to stand for truly SmartChildSafety products.

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