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Access ID-RFID for Time & Attendance Tracking

Ensuring a very high level of security within the office premises in terms of hazards, like Fire and other calamities and Surveillance within the gated areas are important concerns to all organizations..

Todays corporate scenario attracts the need of Office Administration wanting to automate the process of Time & Attendance of the employees. Granting access to the right employee and calculating the attendance for each employee with automated and timely reports is one major challenge to the administrators of large organizations.


The system provides an option to either have a common business rule for all the office branches or give every branch the independence to decide upon its Working hours, Holidays and other administrative decisions. The system allows for segregating the Employees based on their designation and ranking and also provides limited access to restricted areas based on the persons profile in the company.

Highlights of Access ID solution

  • Smart Card + optional Biometric Authentication
  • Portable, wireless, plug and play.
  • Machine operates on mobile SIM / GPRS/Lan/wifi
  • IP Based Centralized System
  • Attendance data is stored on web server/cloud.Anytime from any where to view attendance reports.
  • IP Based Centralized System
  • Automatic Employee Attendance
  • Customized Data & Analytical Reports| Attendance Tracking System With SMS
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